Flying Without Wings

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Relive the era when ski jumping attracted crowds of spectators to Revelstoke. Imagine ski-jumping pioneers Nels Nelsen, Bob Lynburne and Isabelle Coursier soaring high above the cheering throngs.

The Nels Nelsen Ski Jump was last used 40 years ago, but visitors can still stand atop the hill, ground dropping precipitously below. Step into a sculpted pair of Nels’ Knickers, a competitor’s bib and jumping skis at the top of the ski jump, modelled after those worn by multiple ski jumping world recordholder, Nels Nelsen. It’s easy to imagine the pounding heart and the stomach butterflies as Nelsen and other competitors prepared to launch themselves into flight.

Today, this historic area is also an attractive destination for mountain bikers. It’s home to a unique children's interpretive bike playscape - Beaver Lodge Bike Park - and nearby single-track trails are tailor-made for more experienced riders. At day’s end, a hot meal and cold drink in Revelstoke’s cafes are just a short downhill ride away.

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