Public safety is at the core of everything that we do, and wildfire response is part of our daily operations. We understand the risk of wildfire in a forested community. We take actions to reduce the potential impacts of a wildfire while improving forest health. Below you will find information on fire protection and restoration projects within Kootenay National Park.

Prescribed fires
A helicopter putting out a wildfire

Prescribed fire operations will only be conducted when predetermined weather and site conditions are met.

Prescribed fires help to restore healthy forests and grasslands and enhance habitat for wildlife. They also help reduce the risk of wildfire to neighbouring communities.

View planned prescribed fires in the mountain national parks.

Redstreak Campground Sub-Unit prescribed fire A

Size: 19.2 hectares
Location: Redstreak Campground, at the southern end of Kootenay National Park.

Conditions permitting, Parks Canada staff plan to ignite a 19.2 ha prescribed fire in the Redstreak Ecosystem Restoration Project area in March 2024. Operations are expected to last one to two days.


Parks Canada conducts prescribed fires to improve ecosystem health and protect communities. The Redstreak Campground Sub-Unit prescribed fire will achieve two main goals:

  • Restore grassland and open Douglas-fir forest ecosystems, providing habitat for wildlife such as bighorn sheep, badgers and nighthawks.
  • Reduce forest fuels near the Village of Radium Hot Springs which will help to protect the community from wildfires.

How is the work being carried out?

The Redstreak Campground Sub-Unit prescribed fire will only be conducted if conditions are right—with safety of people and property in mind.

A lot of planning and preparation occurs before a prescribed fire. Fire specialists write a detailed plan and assess vegetation moisture, weather patterns, topography and many other variables.

If conditions are right, the prescribed fire will be lit using hand ignition. Sprinklers will create wet lines along the border and roads to contain the fire. Fire crews and helicopters will monitor the area carefully and extinguish any spot fires that occur.

During operations, the public can expect to see flames, smoke, sprinklers, hoses and fire crews working in the area. Helicopter bucketing may also take place. This is all part of normal prescribed fire operations.

How will the public be affected?

Safety is always the top priority for Parks Canada in all fire management operations.

Before and during operations, certain areas will be closed. This includes the Redstreak Restoration Trail, Redstreak Loop, Valleyview Trail and Redstreak Campground Trail. Redstreak Campground will still be closed for the season. For more details and a map of closed areas, visit the Kootenay National Park Important Bulletins webpage.

Parks Canada fire specialists make every effort to limit smoke. The prescribed fire will only go ahead if conditions allow smoke to disperse quickly. However, unpredicted changes in weather can increase and redirect smoke. Be prepared for potential delays and reduced visibility on Highway 95 and Highway 93 South. People with respiratory conditions may be affected.

Wildfire risk reduction and FireSmart projects
small pile burning occurring around the community

Wildfire risk reduction work helps limit fire intensity, reduces the potential for spot fires from windblown embers, and improves the effectiveness of fire suppression techniques. FireSmart is a key part of this work.

Did you know: Parks Canada is an active member of the FireSmart program. The FireSmart program empowers the public and increases community resilience to wildfire across Canada.

Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your community.

Email notification lists

To be added to an email notification list, please contact Lake Louise, Yoho and Kootenay Field Unit.

  • Smoke notification list: Residents who are sensitive to smoke can receive advance warning of burning.
  • Community stakeholders list: Fire information for local organizations and businesses who wish to stay informed about fire operations.
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