Bivouacking guidelines

Jasper National Park

Bivouacs are used by climbers on alpine routes that cannot be completed in a day, or which require an early start for safety reasons.

Climbers wishing to bivouac must purchase a backcountry camping permit by by calling 780-852-6177. Bivouac permits cannot be booked online.

Bivouac regulations

  • The bivouac site must be as close to the start of the route as possible.
  • The bivouac site must be in the alpine zone on un-vegetated areas.
  • Fires are not allowed.
  • All litter must be packed out.
  • Rock wind breaks must be dismantled.
  • The group size is limited to 6 people.
  • Solid human waste must be deposited in a small excavated hole with rocks placed on top. Burn toilet paper.
  • Bivouacking is not permitted within 1 km of Alpine Club huts.
  • The bivouac must be removed when the climb is completed.

Routes where bivouacs are not permitted

  • Mount Athabasca – all routes (use Columbia Icefield or Wilcox campgrounds)
  • Mount Edith Cavell - East and West ridges
  • Pyramid Mountain 
  • Mount Fryatt - all routes except the West Ridge (use Sydney Vallance (Fryatt) Hut or Headwall Campground)
  • Mount Colin - all routes (use Colin Hut)
  • The Ramparts - all routes (use Wates-Gibson Hut or Surprise Point Campground)
  • Eremite Valley - all routes (use Wates-Gibson Hut)
  • Mount Andromeda – all routes except Andromeda Strain (use Columbia Icefield or Wilcox campgrounds)

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