Bivouacking guidelines

Jasper National Park

Climbers are permitted to bivouac on long routes that cannot be completed in one day or which require an early start for safety reasons. Some restrictions apply and a backcountry camping permit is required.

Camping regulations and permits are explained in the Backcountry Guide.

Climbers wishing to bivouac must purchase a backcountry camping permit by calling 780-852-6177. Bivouac permits cannot be booked online.

Bivouac guidelines

  • The bivouac site must be as close to the start of the climbing route as possible. Bivouacs are not intended to be used as a base camp.
  • The bivouac site must be on non-vegetated areas, in the alpine zone.
  • Two night maximum in any location except the Columbia Icefield.
  • The maximum group size is six persons.
  • Fires are not allowed. Gas stove use only.
  • All litter must be packed out.
  • Rock wind breaks must be completely dismantled before departure.
  • Solid human waste must be deposited in a small excavated hole with rocks placed on top. Burn toilet paper.
  • Bivouacking is not permitted within 1 km of designated campgrounds, Alpine Club of Canada huts, operations cabins or backcountry lodges.
  • The bivouac must be removed when the climb is completed.

Routes where bivouacs are not permitted

  • Mount Athabasca – all routes (use Columbia Icefield or Wilcox campgrounds)
  • Mount Edith Cavell – East and West ridges
  • Pyramid Mountain 
  • Mount Fryatt – all routes except the West Ridge (use Sydney Vallance (Fryatt) Hut or Headwall Campground)
  • Mount Colin – all routes (use Colin Hut)
  • The Ramparts – all routes (use Wates-Gibson Hut or Surprise Point Campground)
  • Eremite Valley – all routes (use Wates-Gibson Hut)
  • Mount Andromeda – all routes except Andromeda Strain (use Columbia Icefield or Wilcox campgrounds)

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