Community Update: Work Progressing Well

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Glen Ross Swing Bridge is moved onto sliding rails to shift the bridge into its on-site resting place for rehabilitation over the next few months.
Glen Ross Swing Bridge on Sliding Rails for Rehabilitation

February 5, 2018
– Work at Glen Ross Lock 7 and Swing Bridge is progressing well, and on track for completion in advance of the 2018 navigation season. Repairs to the lock concrete are ongoing and rehabilitation of the swing bridge will begin in the upcoming weeks.

Last week, the swing bridge at Glen Ross was jacked onto sliding rails to shift it into the on-site location where it will spend the next few months being rehabilitated. The bridge was placed on supports to keep the pivot from resting on the ground and extra steel was installed for additional protection. In order to protect and maintain the natural environment, as well as create an appropriate working environment for the bridge refinishing, the contractor is in the process of building an enclosure around the bridge. Once the enclosure is complete and heated, paint removal and structural steel repairs to the bridge will begin.

Construction workers install temporary steel to protect the pivot girder on Glen Ross Swing Bridge prior to rehabilitation
Installing temporary steel to protect the pivot girder

Within the lock chamber, the contractor is continuing to remove deteriorated concrete. Steel formwork has been assembled to receive the concrete pours that will shape the new lock walls. Placing of concrete will begin in the upcoming weeks.

Parks Canada would like to thank the community for their patience as we begin this important infrastructure project. These historic investments will mitigate health and safety risks, halt the loss of nationally significant built heritage and stimulate the economy in communities across the country.

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