Pingo Canadian Landmark

In this region, weather conditions can change quickly and turn a simple hike into a challenging excursion. Although The Pingo Canadian Landmark is near the community of Tuktoyaktuk, it is recommended that visitors arrange a tour with a local licensed outfitter in order to minimize risks.

List of local licensed outfitters offering tours

Visitors should use extra caution when assessing wind and water conditions in the landmark. In summer, temperatures can change rapidly, ranging from below freezing to as high as 30 °C (86 °F). In winter, the temperature can often drop below 40 °C ( 40 °F) and severe winds are not uncommon.

The Arctic environment offers unique challenges and opportunities. Good preparation and planning help make the most of the experience.

Not only is the climate severe on the Arctic coast but it is also changing. On average, springtime temperatures have risen by 1 °C per decade.Footnote 1. Snowmelt also occurs sooner, with a 5 day advance per decade on average.

Tundra vegetation is changing too, in part driven by the increase in growing season length, along with warming summer air temperatures and increased depth and duration of the active layer thaw.Footnote 2.

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