Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Chapter 6. Tools for Understanding and Monitoring Ecological Integrity
Panel Recommendation Considerations Action
(6-18) We recommend that Parks Canada make suitable Parks Canada databases publicly available on the Internet. This will ensure data standards are maintained and allow researchers to conduct additional analysis that can benefit Parks Canada. Costs associated with the translation of databases to comply with official languages requirements may be prohibitive. Some Parks Canada databases include data purchased from other agencies and Parks Canada may not have the right to distribute these data further. UNDER WAY - FUNDING. Parks Canada will make metadata available on the Internet. The Chief Information Officer is leading preparation of a Recorded Information Management Strategy for Parks Canada and, along with the Geomatics Steering Committee, is studying mechanisms for data and information diffusion for internal and external usage (in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada - GeoConnections). The extent and timing of doing so are subject to the availability of new funding.
(6-19) We recommend that Parks Canada enhance its ability to manage and share information at the National Office, Service Centres and national parks, so that Parks Canada can share data and information "vertically" within the organization and "horizontally," at appropriate scales, with external partners, as follows ... Parks Canada is actively involved in projects with other governments and a wide range of stakeholders. In these projects, exchanging data will be vital and Parks Canada needs to make significant improvements in this area. Parks Canada is a member of several federal interdepartmental committees which promote the sharing and development of standards, technology and policies for information. UNDER WAY - FUNDING. The Recorded Information Management Strategy will provide the framework for facilitating the exchange of information across Parks Canada. For ecological data specifically, the Ecological Data Management Directive will provide data standards to facilitate future exchange of ecological data within Parks Canada. It will also direct national parks to design and develop their ecological databases within a regional context to ensure they can be shared with adjacent land managers. The extent and timing of progress in this area are subject to the availability of new funding.
(6-20) We recommend that Parks Canada become an active partner in ongoing national efforts to establish a Biodiversity Resource Network. Parks Canada's involvement could range from cataloguing its databases for network access to participating in the design of the Network's structure to ensure the Network will meet Parks Canada's needs.   UNDER WAY - FUNDING. Parks Canada is participating in the federal interdepartmental CBIN (Canadian Biodiversity Information Network) initiative to create a national Internet-accessible database on Canadian biodiversity The extent and timing of Parks Canada's participation are subject to the availability of new funding.

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