Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Chapter 3. Planning for Ecological Integrity
Panel Recommendation Considerations Action
(3-1) We recommend that Parks Canada adopt an adaptive management approach ... at both national- and park-level scales of planning and management, such that ...   UNDERWAY. The revised Parks Canada Guide to Management Planning emphasizes plan monitoring and evaluation, the basis for adaptive management. The benefits of this approach should be evident within 2-5 years, as new plans are prepared and implemented.
(3-2) We recommend that Parks Canada simplify the parks planning process ... to ...   DONE. Revisions to the Parks Canada Guide to Management Planning have clarified the planning process and reinforce the primacy of ecological integrity in the preparation and implementation of plans.
(3-3) We recommend that the Park Management Plan become a fundamentally new document, such that ...   UNDERWAY. The revised Parks Canada Guide to Management Planning requires consolidation of the Ecological Integrity Statement and the strategic elements of the Ecosystem Conservation Plan into the management plan, as recommended by the Panel. The new Canada National Parks Act requires the preparation of a management plan for each national park containing a long-term ecological vision for the park, a set of ecological integrity objectives and indicators, and provisions for resource protection and restoration, zoning, visitor use, public awareness and performance evaluation.
(3-4) We recommend that, with respect to strategic planning at the national level, Parks Canada establish a new strategic plan for managing the national system of parks for ecological integrity (see Recommendation 8-2).

The main thrust of this recommendation is focused on the development of more effective partnerships to expand the many systems of protected areas nation-wide, and to ensure that new protected areas are in the most crucial areas from an ecological perspective.

Parks Canada staff are working with other levels of government, Aboriginal organizations, and other interests to negotiate future national parks to complete the national park system. While this collaborative approach is being strengthened, it is not felt that a new strategic plan document is required, as there are still significant gaps in the current National Parks System Plan.

The National Parks System Plan will continue to guide national park establishment work. Governments will continue to coordinate collaborative work and national-level strategic thinking on Canada's protected area networks through the Federal-Provincial Parks Council and with other federal departments responsible for protected areas.

Parks Canada and Environment Canada have initiated discussions about collaboration on a broad nature agenda that could meet the spirit of the recommendation within the federal government.

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