Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Chapter 3. Planning for Ecological Integrity
Panel Recommendation Considerations Action
(3-14) In an effort to move away from the language of business, we recommend that Parks Canada stop using the term "Business Plan" and refer instead to "Implementation Plans" (Chapter 2). Use of the term "business plan" is widely accepted in all government sectors and has a generic application to all types of programs. Change of the term could create confusion. While "business plans" will continue to be the document adjusted annually and used to implement management plans, it has been clarified that they will include actions related to ecological integrity as a first priority in the management of national parks. Ecological integrity is central to management plans, and consequently to business plans as well.
(3-15) We recommend that Parks Canada revise the present format of Implementation (Business) Plans to also become comprehensive accountability tools for maintenance and restoration of ecological integrity. The tactical components of Ecosystem Conservation Plans should be outlined in the Implementation Plan and elaborated in individual Operational Plans for specific projects as means to achieve and maintain ecological integrity. Operational Plans should be considered appendices to the Implementation Plan, thus making explicit the links from the Guiding Policies and Principles and strategic Park Management Plans to action-oriented work plans through Implementation Plans (Figure 3-3). The Implementation Plan should describe... See 3-14 concerning the intended focus of business plans on ecological integrity actions and 3-3 concerning incorporation of the strategic elements of Ecosystem Conservation Plans into management plans. The "tactical" or detailed planning needed to implement specific projects will continue to be carried out as needed, although the resulting documents may not necessarily be called "Operational Plans."

UNDER WAY. Management plans, business plans, and any subsequent detailed plans that may be necessary will be clearly linked and will be accountability tools for the maintenance or restoration of ecological integrity.

The revised Parks Canada Guide to Management Planning calls for a summary of planned actions to be included with each plan, to assist in tracking results and monitoring plan implementation. The summary will assist in linking management and business plans.

Ecological integrity is a key factor considered in reviewing business plans.

(3-16) We recommend that Parks Canada review the length of the cycle for implementation planning with a view to making it commensurate with the length of the cycle for strategic planning, such that each new implementation planning cycle immediately follows and is guided by new Park Management Plans. This will facilitate better linkages between strategic and implementation planning. The crux of the Panel's concern seems to be that the park management plan has a five-year cycle, while the business plan (the key implementation document for a management plan) has a three-year cycle. The business plan, however, is reviewed and adjusted annually. UNDERWAY. Parks Canada will continue to seek to improve business plans and improve links to management plans (thus facilitating links between the strategic and the implementation documents). Business plans will continue on a three-year cycle.

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