Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Chapter 3. Planning for Ecological Integrity
Panel Recommendation Considerations Action
(3-20) With respect to implementation planning at the national level, we recommend that Parks Canada revise the Corporate Plan along lines conceptually similar to those suggested for Implementation (Business) Plans (Recommendation 3-15), especially so that business lines and service lines better reflect the principal objective of national parks with respect to ecological integrity and to better track the allocation or resources to the maintenance and restoration of ecological integrity. Develop Corporate Plans to achieve national-level targets for indicators of ecological integrity. The current framework for preparing the Corporate Plan emphasizes the key importance of ecological integrity.

UNDER WAY. The Annual Report on the 1999–2000 Corporate Plan, and the Corporate Plan for 2000–2001 both refer to the Panel's landmark report and emphasize the priority for addressing ecological integrity. The need to secure additional funding to fully implement the recommendations is also highlighted.

Changes will continue to be considered in future. Corporate-level reports are being produced to ensure that ecological integrity is highlighted and reported on in the most effective way.

Training has been provided to administrative officers to ensure that spending on ecological integrity initiatives is properly tracked.

(3-21) With respect to evaluation and reporting at the national scale, we recommend that Parks Canada continue to produce the State of the Parks Report, but ... Sub-recommendations call for adapting the report in future to better address progress related to ecological integrity, and changing the cycle from each two years to each five years to better align with the overall Parks Canada planning, evaluation and reporting cycle.

The report will continue to be produced on a two-year basis in keeping with the legislation establishing the Parks Canada Agency ("31. At least every two years, the Chief Executive Officer shall provide the Minister with a report, to be tabled in each House of Parliament, on the state of national parks, national historic sites and other protected heritage areas and heritage protection programs, and on the performance of the Agency in carrying out its responsibilities under section 6.") However, in keeping with the spirit of the recommendation, a major focus will be placed on ecological integrity every four years when measurable change and progress can be reported.

Strengthening of reporting will occur progressively subject to the availability of additional supporting resources.

Note that this report is now called the State of Protected Heritage Areas Report as it encompasses all Parks Canada programs.

(3-22) To those ends, we recommend that Parks Canada create an enhanced role for regional Service Centres to ensure that national-, regional- and park-level planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting is co-ordinated and mutually supportive (Chapters 2 and 4). Parks Canada supports the principle of planning, implementation and evaluation occurring at different levels within the organization that are mutually supportive. UNDER WAY - FUNDING. An enhanced role of the Service Centres with respect to planning and managing for ecological integrity has been included in the implementation strategy that has been prepared for government consideration as part of the normal budget process. The extent and timing of enhancing the Service Centres' role are subject to the availability of new funding.

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