Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Chapter 2: Toward a Culture of Conservation
Panel Recommendation Considerations Action
(2-7) We recommend that Parks Canada improve accountability mechanisms within the organization to ensure progress toward the goal of protecting ecological integrity. Mechanisms include ... Existing accountability mechanisms, such as annual evaluations, can be improved. There are also opportunities to explore additional measures, in such areas as recognition and rewards, as recommended. UNDER WAY. Parks Canada will pursue the specific recommendations. For example, a new, park-level State of the Park Report will be required at the outset of each management planning cycle, as recommended in Chapter 3. An awards program, to recognize staff excellence in contributing to the ecological integrity of Canada's national parks, will be launched in the coming year. Additional training related to the coding of expenditures has been put in place, with strengthened emphasis on the accuracy of coding to ensure the integrity of data.
(2-8) At all levels of decision making, we recommend that Parks Canada adopt a transparent and open decision-making process including formal records of decision and a strategy to communicate the rationale for decisions. This is fundamental to Parks Canada's objectives. There are opportunities for improvement. UNDER WAY. The Chief Executive Officer will encourage all managers to involve staff more effectively in decision making and to communicate the rationale for the decisions that are made.
(2-9) We recommend that Parks Canada open dialogue about the management and maintenance of ecological integrity by ... Staff have been very interested in Parks Canada's response to the Panel's report and a broad dialogue about ecological integrity issues has been initiated. There is widespread support for moving forward to enhance Parks Canada's capacity to protect ecological integrity.

UNDER WAY. Each manager has held discussions with staff about the Ecological Integrity Panel report and Parks Canada's response to it. The objective has been to encourage employees to express their professional views about the issues and to increase their understanding of the directions being taken. The ecological integrity training and orientation program will build on this dialogue.

In an effort to protect ecological integrity, Parks Canada will advocate in support of national park interests in a planned and professional manner whenever proposed developments might have impacts on the park. The full extent and timing of action in this one respect are subject to the availability of new funding.

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