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A family of four stands at a Diabolus ex machina self-guided tour station at the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site.

Mystery of legends

Photo of Hélène, a Parks Canada staff member.

My staff favourite at the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site is the audio tour created by Fred Pellerin, Diabolus ex machina. It appeals to the imagination! It is a fascinating way to dive into the history of the site and the mystery of its legends while enjoying the beauty of the walk!

Hélène | Product development

Colorful ribbons on a  blast furnace.

Touch of poetry

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My hidden gem is the poetry participation project at the top of the upper forge chimney at the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site. It helps the public form personal ties with the site and connects remains from the past to words of the present.

Isabelle | Visitor experience

Entrance to Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Best of both worlds

Photo of Khalid, a Parks Canada staff member.

Fort Lennox National Historic Site is captivating! After crossing the Richelieu River and arriving on Île aux Noix, you step into nature and are greeted by the sound of birds, a real paradise. The fort has a very imposing look and its stonework gives it a neat yet impressive appearance. The characteristics of the buildings are remarkable and visitors feel the historical importance of this fort.

Khalid | Masonry

A group of friends in the early evening sitting around a fire at a canoe-camping site in La Mauricie National Park.

Backcountry return

Photo of Marc-André , a Parks Canada staff member.

I hope that in the next few years, people will return to the backcountry of La Mauricie National Park in greater numbers. I think that this is the best spot for a good experience and not many people know about it.

Marc-André | Ecology

Forest path at sunset

Enchanted forest

Photo of Gloria, a Parks Canada staff member.

I love Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site. The enchanted forest trail is filled with discoveries: the shape of the trees, the cemetery, the viewpoints and the tranquil atmosphere present throughout the trail.

Gloria | Administration

A historical figure talks with visitors against the backdrop of the Restigouche River.

A river rich in history

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I joined the Parks Canada family in 2009. What inspires me about the Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site, as it did on my first day, is its panoramic view of a magnificent river that still contains many remains. My team, the soul of this site, enthusiastically shares this part of Canada's naval history for visitors to enjoy.

Meggy | Visitor services

Penouille Taiga

Photo of Émilie, a Parks Canada staff member.

A special type of vegetation grows on the Penouille sand spit in Forillon National Park. There you will find a barren boreal forest (called a taiga) that is a remarkable occurrence for this low altitude. It is a bit like stepping into the Great North but you are only a few steps away from the town of Gaspé.

Émilie | Cultural resource management

Two cyclists with trailers on a path by the sea.

Unparalleled trail

Photo of Émilie, a Parks Canada staff member.

The Du Banc Trail at Forillon National Park has everything for those who love short hikes or bike rides. The trail follows the seashore, with magnificent cliffs and land’s end as the backdrop. I love admiring the beach and the Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse from the observation tower overlooking the salt marsh. I always make sure to have a family picnic at the rest stop!

Émilie | Product development

Impressive lock

Photo of Patrick, a Parks Canada staff member.

It is always extraordinary to observe a lockage at the Carillon Canal National Historic Site. It is simply breathtaking to be atop of the concrete platform watching as boats emerge on Deux-Montagnes lake 20 meters below and gazing at an endless blue and green horizon. I never tire of seeing this site.

Patrick | Management

Visitors lined up behind guide touring Lazaretto

Passage of time

Photo of Géraldine, a Parks Canada staff member.

Serving as a hospital, the Lazaretto is one of the oldest buildings at the Grosse-Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site. Several sick immigrants left various forms of graffiti, marking their passage of time here. I find that it makes the site that much more authentic and very touching.

Géraldine | Project Coordination

Young people visiting the

Imagine a Country

Photo of Annick, a Parks Canada staff member.

I love the interaction aspect of this new exhibit at the Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site. The thought of inviting all to “Imagine a Country” is wonderful! It’s a way of unifying everyone regardless of where people come from, or their culture or religion. It’s very inspiring to read about the dreams of visitors, many of them are very touching.

Annick |Visitor experience

Monoliths that look like a castle on a pebble beach.

Magnificent panorama

Photo of Geneviève, a Parks Canada staff member.

I’ll never get over the beauty of Grande Île at Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve! I love the different groups of naturally sculpted monoliths; walking around the “Chateau” and spotting animal silhouettes at the “Zoo.” It’s a great place to camp and hike too; the island’s landscape is breathtaking!

Geneviève | Promotions

Aerial view of Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site.

Saint-Ours, now that’s oTENTik!

Photo of Véronique, a Parks Canada staff member.

Sunsets at the Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site are magical! Whether you are passing through to see the dam, the unique fish pass, the boats sailing in the canal or to have a picnic on Darvard Island, you will be amazed by the views. And to really be part of this experience, book an overnight and stay in an oTENTik to enjoy the sun rising on the historic canal and the Richelieu River.

Véronique | Canal lockmaster

A guide and a family in front of a model.

Evocative scale model

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My favourite place at the Battle of Châteauguay is the belvedere and scale model! With a great view of the battlefield, you can easily imagine being a Canadian militiaman defending the banks of the Châteauguay River. It’s always fun to retell the history of this little-known battle and watch visitors react in surprise!

Évalie | Heritage presentation

A boat in a lock on the Chambly Canal.

Band of boats

Photo of Patrice, a Parks Canada staff member.

The Chambly Canal trail is my favorite place for a jog or a bike ride. The scenery changes with the seasons and different times during the day. At the end of the Chambly pier, there’s an amazing view of three staircase locks as well as Fort Chambly National Historic Site which overlooks the basin. During the beautiful summer weekends, watch the boats pass through the locks operated manually by the lock keepers, and at dusk, see the fish jumping and enjoy the calm of nature.

Patrice | Promotions

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