Peregrine Falcon anatum/tundris

Vuntut National Park

Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus anatum) are found in many regions of the northern Yukon, including Vuntut National Park. These birds have the important role of top predator, and are known to respond to environmental disturbances such as persistent synthetic toxic chemicals, human activity, and changes in breeding habitat, prey abundance and climate. The Canadian Species at Risk Act currently lists the anatum/tundrius subspecies of peregrine falcon as a species of special concern.

Old Crow River surveys

Systematic surveys of Peregrine Falcons along the Old Crow River, including portions within Vuntut National Park, began in 1975.

Peregrine Falcon chicks

Peregrine Falcon populations across North America had declined by this time, primarily because of reproductive failure following exposure to organochloride pesticides such as DDT.

Old Crow River surveys are used in conjunction with other data to track changes in Yukon Peregrine Falcon populations and are timed to coincide with the Canadian Peregrine Falcon Survey. The earliest surveys were done by the Government of Yukon and Yukon College. Parks Canada has conducted these surveys since 2000 in cooperation with the Vuntut Gwitchin Government.

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