Kluane National Park and Reserve

Covering 21,980 square kilometres of mountains and glaciers, Kluane is one of Canada’s largest national parks. To truly appreciate its majestic scale and diverse landscapes, there’s only one option: take to the skies.

Flightseeing | Icefield Discovery


Several local companies offer flightseeing tours that take visitors deep into the park’s untouched interior. Hop aboard a prop plane or helicopter for a high-altitude view of the Icefield Ranges, home to Canada’s highest peaks and largest icefields. See massive rivers of ice from on high and maybe even spot wildlife far below.

 Flying in and around national parks and historic sites in Yukon and northern British Columbia

Icefield Discovery

Want an even closer look? Special tours touch down in the midst of the icefields, enabling visitors to stay and explore for a few hours or a few days.

Icefield Discovery basecamp

Soak up views of Canada’s highest peak, 5,959-metre Mount Logan – visible only from the park’s remote interior – or camp on icefields in the snow, even in summer.

The Icefield Discovery base camp, situated in the heart of the Icefield Ranges, offers a unique opportunity to experience the icefields.

 Icefield Discovery

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