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La Mauricie National Park


With its 150 lakes, La Mauricie National Park offers many places to go paddling. However, some bodies of water are more suitable for this sport than...

Waber falls

La Mauricie National Park features many inspiring places for visitors and Waber Falls is one of them. At 27 metres in height, the falls have a water flow...

With its 150 lakes, La Mauricie National Park offers many opportunities to experience for yourself the true essence of nature. Around thirty lakes are accessible both off of the Parkway and through a network of canoe trails.


A couple canoeing on a calm lake

Aqua Trek

Discover Wapizagonke Lake with Aqua Trek.

People swim in small groups at the bottom of Waber Falls.

Waber Falls

Go cool off at Waber Falls.

Two young girls practice paddleboarding on Édouard Lake


Discover or master paddleboearding.


It is possible to rent a boat from one of the three Park's Boat Rental Centre. Row-and-go canoes are also a good way to explore less easily accessible places without having to portage.

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Boat owner

Illustration of a person kayaking with an awareness message on the importance of cleaning, draining and drying your boat and gear before entering the water in La Mauricie National Park

Help us protect the park’s lakes!

Many lakes throughout Quebec are threatened by by invasive alien species. To prevent their introduction and spread:

CLEAN all mud, sand, plant, and animal materials from your boat or SUP and fishing gear.

DRAIN coolers, buckets, compartments, and other items that may hold water.

DRY completely before launching your boat.

Parks Canada is working to stop the spread of invasive aquatic species. CLEAN DRAIN DRY is a best practice across North America.

You also have to know that it is forbidden to use a motorboat (gas or electric) or to use a trailer to launch your boat.


Before going on, be sure to take the necessary measures to to ensure your safety.

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