Jeremy's Bay Campground

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Jeremy's Bay Campground offers front country campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs, and three types of roofed accommodations: Ôasis, oTENTik, and rustic cabins. The Ôasis, oTENTik, and rustic cabins are located in Jim Charles Point.

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Camping is available from Victoria Day weekend (mid-May) to the end of October. Camping is not permitted from November to April.


Parks Canada Reservation Service: 1-877-RESERVE (737-3783) | Outside of North America: 519-826-5391

Cost: See prices

How to make a camping reservation

Reservation launch dates

Parks Canada will be launching reservations for the 2024 visitor season starting in January.

Launch dates and times
Prepare for launch day

Kejimkujik 2024 Reservation Launch: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 8 am AT

Group camping reservations

Beginning May 13, 2024, at 8:30 am, call 902-682-2772 with your potential dates and group information. 

Cost: See prices

More information

Facilities and services

More information about facilities and services

Upgrades and improvements

Significant upgrades and improvements to Jeremy’s Bay Campground create a modern, safe, and inclusive experience for visitors. The environmentally-friendly facilities have been built using long-lifespan materials and low maintenance design, and are equipped with efficient lighting. New and efficient water and wastewater treatment systems provide a safe and reliable water supply.

Washroom and shower facilities

Ten new modern and inclusive washroom and shower facilities feature accessible, barrier-free design that meet the diverse needs of visitors. Facilities are gender-neutral, designed for improved privacy and personal security. The new combined facilities add convenience by reducing visitors' travel distance to showers.

Heated roofed accommodations

Five new heated Ôasis units as well as heated and newly insulated oTENTiks and rustic cabins at Jim Charles Point make shoulder season visits more comfortable. Visitors are still encouraged to bring warm clothing and sleeping bags during the shoulder season. 

Equipment rentals

Equipment rentals are available from Whynot Adventure, the Keji Outfitters. Reservations in advance are recommended.

Pick up your rental at Jake’s Landing.

Campground location

GPS co-ordinates: 44.408 N -65.24118972167 W


Map of Jeremy's Bay Campground

This map shows the accommodations available in Jeremy's Bay Campground. The unserviced and serviced sites are located in the three loops of Jeremy's Bay Campground: Meadow Loop, Slapfoot Loop, and Jim Charles Loop. The Ôasis, oTENTik, and rustic cabins are located in Jim Charles Point. 

Meadow Loop

Map of Meadow Loop

This map shows the facilities and services available in the Meadow Loop. The Meadow Loop offers campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs. Some sites are serviced with electricity.

Unserviced site Unserviced sites (53 to 60 and 61 to 154)

Serviced Serviced sites (M1 to M52)

Parking Parking

Toilet Toilet

Showers Shower

Playground Playground 

Swimming Meadow Beach

Slapfoot Loop

Map of Slapfoot Loop

This map shows the facilities and services available in the Slapfoot Loop. The Slapfoot Loop offers campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs. Some sites are serviced with electricity.

Unserviced site Unserviced site

Serviced site Serviced site

Parking Parking

Water taps and sinks Drinking water

Toilet Toilet

Showers Shower

Playground Playground 

Swimming Slapfoot Beach

Jim Charles Loop

Map of Jim Charles Loop

This map shows the facilities and services available in the Jim Charles Loop.

Unserviced site Unserviced site

Serviced site Serviced site

Parking Parking

Water taps and sinks Drinking water

Toilet Toilet

Showers Shower

Playground Playground

Map of the oTENTik village in Jim Charles Loop

This map shows the oTENTik village in the Jim Charles Loop. One of Kejimkujik's two oTENTik villages is nestled in the Jim Charles Loop, including one accessible oTENTik (335). The Jim Charles Loop also offers walk-in sites, and sites without electricity for tents, trailers and RVs.


oTENTik Accessible Facilities Accessible oTENTik (335)

oTENTik On-leash dogs allowed Pet-friendly oTENTik (327, 332)

Abri de pique-nique Kitchen shelter

Jim Charles Point

Map of Jim Charles Point

This map shows the facilities and services available at Jim Charles Point. Jim Charles Point offers tent camping for groups, and newly re-designed roofed accommodations: oTENTik, Ôasis, and rustic cabins, including two accessible oTENTik (401 and 402).

Group camping Group camping


oTENTik Accessible Facilities  Accessible oTENTik (401 and 402)

oTENTik On-leash dogs allowed Pet-friendly oTENTik (408)

Ôasis Ôasis

Cabins Rustic cabin

Cabins On-leash dogs allowed Pet-friendly rustic cabin (C5)

Parking Parking

Water taps and sinks Drinking water

Toilet Toilet

Showers Shower

Outhouse Outhouse

Picnic area Picnic area

Picnic Shelter Picnic shelter

Playground Playground

Swimming Kedge Beach

Be prepared

You are responsible for your own safety. Be prepared for changing weather conditions, be aware of hazards, and have adequate information and equipment to ensure a safe visit.

A few rules

Rules that apply to the other campground sites also apply at Jeremy's Bay Campground.

Please review general campground information.

A few rules
Check in time

After 2 pm for campsites

After 3 pm for roofed accommodations 

Visitors who would like to arrive at the campground earlier may enjoy the rest of Kejimkujik while waiting for their campsite to become vacant (a valid entry pass is required)

After-hours registration

Late must campers follow the posted instructions on the Campground Kiosk bulletin board for self-registration

Check out time

Before 11 am

Quiet hours

11 pm to 7 am

Generator policy

Generator use is permitted from 9 am to 11 am and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Electrical service amperage

30 Amp service in all serviced campsites

Visiting hours

End at 11 pm

Minimum age required for permit holder


Maximum length of stay

21 nights

Maximum persons per site

4 people or 2 adults with dependent children

Maximum vehicles per site

2 vehicle or 2 motorcycles

Exceptions for RVs towing a vehicle, otherwise park second vehicle in designated parking area

Maximum camping units per site

2 tents or 1 RV/camper and 1 tent

Equipment must fit on graveled portion of the site

If there is no vacancy for your dates

All of Kejimkujik's campsites and accommodations are reservable. If there is no vacancy showing for your dates, check back for cancellations.

Tourism Nova Scotia offers information on other places to stay. Call 902-742-0511 or 1-800-565-0000 (toll free in North America).

Firewood policy

To prevent the spread of invasive forest pests, bringing firewood to Kejimkujik is prohibited. All imported firewood is prohibited except kiln dried wood in a sealed plastic bag. More information

Firewood purchased in Kejimkujik is kiln-dried and bug-free. Kiln dried firewood is sold at the campground kiosk by the bag, with a mixture of hard and soft wood.

Most sites have a firepit. Do not leave fires unattended.

Visitors must comply with any restrictions on fires in effect during their visit. 

Check the important bulletins to see if there is a fire ban or temporary closure in place.

Alcohol and cannabis policy

Alcohol and cannabis consumption is permitted on registered Parks Canada campsites, but is prohibited in all other campground common areas (including beaches, playgrounds, and other public areas).

Pet policy

For their safety and the safety of wildlife, pets must be kept on leash at all times. Please make sure you clean up after your pets. Disposal bags and stations can be found at Merrymakedge beach and the Visitor Center. Do not leave pets unattended. Keep pets on graveled area of the campsite.

Pets are not allowed on public beaches, with the exception of the pet-friendly area at Merrymakedge Beach.

Food and garbage

Raccoons, bears, and other animals are attracted to food and food waste.

Please store all unattended food items (including coolers) in your vehicle, and NEVER store food in your tent.

For your safety, Parks Canada staff may seize unattended animal attractants.

Do not burn garbage.

Nova Scotia law requires waste to be sorted before disposal. Proper waste sorting will assist in recycling efforts, keep nuisance animals away, and leave your site in good shape for the campers who follow you.

Sorting stations are located throughout Kejimkujik.


A Kejimkujik National Park Fishing license is required for fishing. More details about licenses and regulations.

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