Mill Cove lookout trail

Terra Nova National Park

Follow the boardwalk through a patch of forest to break out on a hilltop rock barren. Climb the staircase for a spectacular view of the Mill Cove area.

Tread carefully as the rocks can be slippery. Take care to remain on the trail; the rocks may look bare but they are home to many sensitive lichen and flora.

Trail details:

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Length/Distance: 1,5 km return

Time: 30 minutes

Location: Mill Cove Lookout trail is located off Route 310, past the Traytown Access Road. Approximately 1.3 km from Route 1 (TransCanada Highway) and 8 km from the Visitor Centre.

Habitat: black spruce forest, rocky barren, clifftop view of Mill Cove area, lichens, flora

Trailhead/Access: Trailhead is located on Route 310, approximately 1.3 km from Route 1 (TransCanada Highway).

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