Coastal trail

Terra Nova National Park

The most popular trail in the park, the Coastal Trail starts at either the Visitor Centre or Newman Sound Campground. The trail meanders along the coast of inner Newman Sound, occasionally dipping down to sandy spots along the coast. Roughly half way the trail breaks out to a road at Headquarter's Wharf. From here follow the path up to Pissamere Falls.

This trail is easy with some moderate climbs.

Trail details:

Level of Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Length/Distance: 9.5 km return

Time: 3 to 4 hours

Location: The Coastal Trail is located between the Visitor Centre and Newman Sound Day Use Area

Habitat: Coastline, mature boreal forest, Pissamere Falls, mud flats, shorebirds, waterfowl, eagles, osprey

Trailhead / Access: The first access point is located at the Visitor Centre, just across the bridge over Salton’s Brook. The second access point is just past the Outdoor Theatre in Newman Sound Day Use Area (Newman Sound Campground). There is also an access point approximately midway at Headquarters Wharf. Visitors can park here and walk in either direction.

GPS Coordinates: 48 34 45.45000 N , -53 56 55.75998 W

Trail map:

Map of Coastal Trail

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