Louil Hill trail

Terra Nova National Park

Trek through an alder bed to discover a forest in transition. Keep right to discover sections of balsam fir forest severely damaged by insect kills. As you alternate from thick forest to open pockets, look for new growth – it may appear stunted, that is the impact that moose and rabbit have had on the park’s balsam fir forest. Wind your way back into the mature black spruce forest and catch the few rays of light that are able to peek through the thick forest canopy.

Midway, a set of stairs can transport you up from the forest floor and up to the barren hill top of Louil Hill. From here, take in the expansive view of Alexander Bay and watch the thick boreal forest roll from coastline to inland as far as the eye can see.

Louil Hill is a multi-use trail that can be used for both hiking & cycling.

Trail details:

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Length/Distance: 3.7 km loop

Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

Location: Louil Hill Trail is located off Route 310, opposite Traytown Access Road. Approximately 1 km from Route 1 (TransCanada Highway) and 8km from the Visitor Centre.

Habitat: Only granite hills in Park, woodpeckers, crossbills, old man's beard, sheep laurel, specatular view of Alexander Bay from the look-off

Trailhead/Access: Trailhead is located on Route 310, approximately 1 km from Route 1 (TransCanada Highway).

GPS Coordinates: 48 38 43.17000 N, -53 57 39.12999 W

Trail map:

Map of Louil Hill Trail

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