Glacier highcountry experience

Glacier National Park

Push yourself to the limit with an exhilarating high-country experience.

Straddling the crest of the Selkirk Range, Glacier National Park is legendary for its snowfall, attracting ski-touring enthusiasts from around the world. Skiers and snowboarders alike are treated to an array of glades, alpine bowls and icefields, with descents of more than 1,500 metres.

Glacier Park introduced mountain climbing to North America in 1888, when two British mountaineers explored the Selkirks. Intrepid climbers today can conquer the pyramidal peak of Mount Sir Donald or the jagged spires atop Mount Tupper by following paths laid down by legendary 19th-century Swiss guides.

The Asulkan Valley provides the setting for an epic, 14-kilometre trail run. Glaciers, waterfalls and rainforest are all part of the scenery along the way.

Young park visitors can get an early introduction to the mountain lifestyle at Glacier courtesy of the Glacier Adventure Stewardship Program. Fundamental backcountry skills are imparted by seasoned professionals.

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