The Amazing Forests experience

Glacier National Park

Family-friendly hikes in Glacier National Park and the surrounding area lead visitors through valleys of towering trees and into alpine meadows offering breathtaking views.

Experience B.C.’s famous old-growth forests with a leisurely stroll around Hemlock Grove Boardwalk, a barrier-free trail that passes beneath soaring ancient hemlocks. Relax in the cool shade of the tall trees on a hot day or warm up in a log cabin on a cold day at Hemlock Grove Picnic Area.

Witness the transition from cedar-hemlock rainforest to subalpine spruce and fir, all within Glacier Park. Meeting of the Waters Trail takes you on a 30-minute loop that includes a bridge over the meeting point of Asulkan Brook and the Illecillewaet River.

If you prefer a taste of mountain trekking, Glacier Park’s 20-minute Rockgarden Trail will take you along a boardwalk, up rock staircases and through hillsides strewn with moss and lichen-covered boulders. The top of the trail offers a sweeping one-of-a-kind view of the Selkirk Mountain wilderness. (Wear appropriate footwear, and leave your pet behind.)

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