Major Rogers Route experience

Glacier National Park

Relive the past as several of Canada’s defining historical moments come to life at Rogers Pass National Historic Site.

Whether planning your adventure or relaxing after a day’s hike, settle into an armchair at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre. Here an array of interactive exhibits and film presentations immerse you in the triumphs and tragedies behind the building of Canada’s first trans-continental railway.

The Summit Monument and Memory Garden offers an irresistible opportunity for a picnic and a selfie at the monument commemorating the completion of the Trans-Canada Highway in 1962.

Spend the night at a Glacier campground, where staff bring the ghosts of the Pass to life with tales told round the campfire. Guided interpretive walks will take you past remnants of the rail line that brought the first trains over Rogers Pass in 1885 and through the stone ruins of western Canada’s first mountain resort hotel.

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