Picnic areas

Glacier National Park

These picnic areas offer great opportunities to stretch your legs, break up the drive, and experience historic aspects of Glacier National Park and Rogers Pass National Historic Site.

Picnic area map

A. Bear Creek Falls picnic area

The trailhead for a beautiful walk to the waterfalls on Connaught Creek. The trail descends about 95 metres from the picnic area then climbs a short distance back uphill for a view of the falls.

B. Rogers Pass Summit picnic area

The Rogers Pass Memory Garden and Summit Monument at this picnic area tell the story of the triumphs and tragedies behind Canada’s first trans-continental railway and highway.

C. Illecillewaet picnic area

Sits beneath a panoramic view of the "Great Glacier" and the Asulkan Glacier. It is located at the entrance to Illecillewaet Campground, just below the historic 1885 rail line.

D. Sir Donald picnic area - Closed until further notice

Offers great views of its namesake mountain, and the seemingly impenetrable Selkirk Mountains barrier that confronted Major A.B. Rogers when he first passed this point in 1882.

E. Hemlock Grove picnic area

This short 400-metre barrier-free boardwalk offers a rainforest experience to those with limitations on movement, such as seniors, wheelchairs, and baby strollers.

F. Slide Path picnic area

This picnic area is at the foot of a steep avalanche path. Mountain peaks stand tall 1,500 metres above the highway, and in the summer, a pleasant waterfall cascades over a rocky outcrop.

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