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Glacier National Park

Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks together represent the Columbia Mountains Natural Region within Canada's system of national parks. The Columbia Mountain ranges (Purcells, Selkirks, Cariboos, Monashees) form the first tall mountain barrier east of the Coast Mountains.


Come discover this natural environment for yourself – you’ll see why it was so critical to protect it and why this territory warranted being designated a national park.

Discover unique features


The alpine environment and old growth rainforest makes Glacier National Park a habitat for a multitude of animals.


In order to ensure national parks remain healthy and unimpaired for future generations, Parks Canada is working to maintain or restore the ecological health of national parks.


The diversity of plants in the interior temperate rainforest, whether on a forested valley bottom trail or high in the alpine, truly capture the imagination. Whatever your age, interests or comfort level in the national parks, there are plenty of plants sure to fascinate the mind!

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