Glacier National Park


Wildflowers, with their variety of colours, shapes, and scents, add immensely to the Glacier National Park experience. Whether identifying, photographing or simply appreciating them, wildflowers brighten a visit to this mountain landscape.

Plants of interest

The diversity of plants in the interior temperate rainforest, whether on a forested valley bottom trail or high in the alpine, truly capture the imagination. Whatever your age, interests or comfort level in the national parks, there are plenty of plants sure to fascinate the mind!


The Columbia Mountains are home to one of the only interior temperate rainforests in the world. Many trees in this area, such as the western red cedar, western hemlock, and mountain hemlock, are most commonly associated with wet coastal forests.

Non-native plants

Aliens are invading our national parks... not invaders from space, but plants! The plants have been introduced as a direct result of human activity over the past few decades, many arriving as accidental hitch-hikers. They may look harmless, but they disrupt natural ecosystem processes and threaten biodiversity.

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