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Who is responsible for issuing permits in the Municipality of Jasper?

Parks Canada is the land use and development authority for Jasper National Park and as such issues discretionary use permits, development permits, building permits, occupancy permits, and certificates of completion. Simple projects may only require a development permit whereas the most complex projects may require all five permits!

What activities do not require a permit?

You don’t need a permit for general maintenance or repair that makes no structural changes. For example, you don’t need a permit to replace a few deck planks, paint the exterior of a house the same colour, replace interior electrical fixtures, replace plumbing fixtures, install cupboards, paint interior walls, change flooring, or decorate your house for the holidays. If you are unsure if your project requires a development permit, please consult the Town of Jasper Land Use Policy “development” definition (section 3.02(a)) and the development permit exceptions (section 5.01)), or send an email enquiry to

What activities require a permit?

The following activities require a permit and click on the hyperlink for details on how to apply for the following specific activities:

If your specific activity is not listed, or not yet hyperlinked, please consult: General Development Permit Submission Requirements.

What kind of projects need an environmental impact assessment?

A requirement of the development permit process is a cultural and environmental impact analysis.

Most projects within the townsite are covered under a Preapproved Impact Assessment (PDF, 227 KB) and require no further analysis.

Out of Town submissions that have the potential to impact cultural and environmental features require an approved Parks Canada Impact Assessment in order to deem a development permit submission package complete. For Out of Town development applications a Project Description Form (PDF 437 KB) must be submitted with your development permit submission package to begin the impact assessment review process. An Impact Assessment Specialist will reach out to you if more information is required to complete the assessment. To reach the Impact Assessment office, please email

When do I need to get a building permit?

A Building Permit is required when a proposed development contains life-safety elements covered under the National Building Code – Alberta Edition. Once a Development Permit is issued, you must apply for a Parks Canada Building Permit.

How long does it take to get a permit?

Please allow up to 20 days to receive a preliminary review of your development permit submission package to ensure it is complete (Does it contain the minimum required information for a technical review including an impact assessment if required?) Once a development permit submission package is deemed complete it will receive a technical review within 20 days. Development permit resubmissions; building permit submissions; sign permit submissions; and permit amendment applications, will receive a technical review within 20 days of receipt.

To view recently issued development permits, discretionary use permits, or variance applications and decisions, please visit Jasper National Park Public Notices.

For development inquiries, or to request a meeting with a development officer, please contact the Development Office at or (780) 852-6123.

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