Management planning

Jasper National Park

The Jasper National Park Management Plan

Under the Canada National Parks Act every national park is required to prepare a park management plan, and to review it every ten years.

The park management plan lays out the future direction for the park including a vision, key strategies and objectives to achieve over a 10-year timeframe.

On August 17, 2022, a new management plan for Jasper National Park was tabled in Parliament and came into effect.

The plan presents objectives and targets to guide park management and decision making for each key strategy and management area. The key strategies of this management plan are:

  1. Conserving natural and cultural heritage for future generations
  2. True-to-place experiences
  3. Strengthening Indigenous relations
  4. Connect, collaborate and learn together
  5. Managing development
  6. Climate change and adaptation

Parks Canada would like to thank Indigenous partners, Canadians, local residents, park visitors and stakeholder groups who contributed to the management plan for Jasper National Park to help shape the future of this treasured place.

Parks Canada will continue to engage with Indigenous partners, the public and stakeholders as we work together to implement the plan to make our collective vision for Jasper National Park a reality.

How the new Management Plan was developed

2018: State of the Park Assessment
Parks Canada prepared a State of the Park Assessment for Jasper National Park. This is the first step in the management planning process. It provides a ‘report card’ on the condition of natural and cultural resources and aspects of Parks Canada’s work in a national park and describes whether the condition shows an improving, declining or stable trend

2019: Phase 1 Consultation
Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the public were asked what topics they thought were important to consider during development of the draft plan and how they wanted to be engaged going forward.

2019-2021: Plan Drafting
Parks Canada prepared a draft of a new management plan based on public, stakeholder, and Indigenous feedback from Phase 1 Consultation, the State of the Park Assessment, an evaluation of the 2010 Park Management Plan, the Agency’s corporate priorities, and other factors.

2021: Phase 2 Consultation
Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the public provided feedback on the draft management plan through an online consultation website and virtual and in-person meetings.

2022: New Management Plan approved
The feedback from Phase 2 Consultation was carefully considered and was used to refine and finalize the new management plan. The plan was approved by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and tabled in Parliament.

  •  The previous management plan for the park was approved in 2010 and is no longer in effect.
    It can be viewed here (PDF, 5.315 KB)

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