Park zoning

Jasper National Park

Parks Canada’s national park zoning system designates where particular activities can occur on land or water based on the ability to support those uses. The zoning system has five categories:

  • Zone I - Special Preservation
  • Zone II - Wilderness
  • Zone III - Natural Environment
  • Zone IV - Outdoor Recreation
  • Zone V - Park Services

The map below demonstrates how these land use zones have been applied in Jasper


The 2022 Jasper National Park Management Plan incorporates minor adjustments to improve the zoning from the 2010 Jasper National Park Management Plan. The intent of the zoning changes is to account for minor changes in use since the last plan, to ensure consistency in how zoning is applied throughout the park, and to resolve minor geospatial inaccuracies in previous mapping layers. The overall percentage of the park occupied by each zone has not changed in the new management plan.

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