Jacques Lake

Jasper National Park

The Jacques Lake Trail makes for a great one-night backpacking trip and can be travelled in early or late season. Highlights include wilderness lakes, wide-open peak views and straightforward, valley-bottom hiking. Moose are commonly seen at Jacques Lake. During winter months, an Alpine Club of Canada cabin is available for advance booking.

Planning considerations

  • Maintained trail: High priority
  • 12.2 km one-way
  • Trail #139: 1 - 2 days
  • Bikes permitted to Summit Lakes
  • Horses permitted
  • Dogs permitted


The details

The trail starts out on a fire road for the first 4.8 km. At 1.6 km you will arrive at Beaver Lake, a small lake with nice views. Continue for 3.2 km to Summit Lakes. Some people will choose to ride their bikes to these lakes, then lock them up and continue the final 7.6 km on foot.

The trail from Summit to Jacques Lake is an easy hike through a dense forest with many small, bridged creeks. The campground sits right next to Jacques Lake, and rewards backpackers with beautiful views of the Queen Elizabeth Range.


An Alpine Club of Canada Cabin on the far end of Jacques Lake can be booked during winter months. This log cabin is perfect for families and small groups looking for an overnight ski or snowshoe. The 12 km trail is relatively flat and the approach involves very little elevation gain. The winter trail crosses the tips of two avalanche paths. Check conditions prior to travel and do not stop in these paths.

For Information or bookings:

  • The campground is in a wildlife travel corridor. Always secure all wildlife attractants in the food lockers and keep the eating area clean.
  • The trail east of Jacques Lake Campground is impassable due to trail damage and fallen trees from a 2003 wildfire.

Trail map

Elevation profile


Text version
  • The elevation profile shows the trailhead at 1450 m.
  • The overall elevation profile shows the entire trail between 1450 m and 1560 m.
  • The trail climbs gently over the first 1.6 kilometres to Beaver Lake (1502 m).
  • There is an overall slight climb to Summit Lakes (1540 m).
  • There is no significant elevation gain or loss for the final 6 kilometres to Jacques Lake (1495 m).

Campground information

Campground information
Campground Elevation Description # of sites Toilet type Food storage UTM
Jacques Lake

Campfires   No horses
1495 m This campground is located next to Jacques Lake. It offers wonderful views of the Queen Elizabeth Range. 8 Privy Lockers 11U 449874

How to get there


From Jasper

  • Take Highway 16 east towards Edmonton. Two km from Jasper, turn right and cross the bridge onto Maligne Road (keep left after the bridge).
  • Continue for 28 km south on the Maligne Road to the south end of Medicine Lake.
  • Turn left into the Jacques Lake parking lot

Are you prepared?

Safety is your responsibility

 Safety is your responsibility

Refer to the Jasper National Park Backcountry Planning Guide:

  • descriptions of trail types and campground facilities;
  • equipment checklists;
  • responsible camping practices;
  • safety information.

Before heading out, check trail, weather and road conditions at: parks.canada.ca/jaspertrails.


NTS National Geographic Gem Trek
Medicine Lake 83 C /13 Jasper South Jasper and Maligne Lake


A backcountry camping permit is mandatory for all overnight trips and can be obtained online at reservation.pc.gc.ca or by calling 1-877-737-3783.

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