Protect nature across lands and waters

Species move freely across lands to survive. We need to understand where species move to help them safely access what they need. Parks Canada partners to protect nature within and outside site boundaries.

Connecting with the ocean
Explore how Parks Canada protects aquatic life and celebrates marine cultural heritage.
Caribou recovery at Parks Canada: out of sight, but not out of mind
Recovering caribou in Canada remains a priority for Parks Canada, both inside and outside of park borders.
A monarch butterfly perched on Joe Pye Weed.
Join in and plant for pollinators
By planting local species in your garden, you can create habitat “stepping stones” that protect against habitat loss. 
Ecological corridors
Conservation tools to complement protected and conserved areas.
Connecting wildlife habitats for a healthy planet
Nature needs its connections, big and small.
Tackling plastic pollution at Parks Canada
Marine debris, including plastic waste, is a serious threat to our oceans, lakes and rivers.
Fire management
As rejuvenator and recycler, fire has an essential role to play in national parks.
Isle of wonders
Sable Island National Park Reserve is a hotspot for unique species and rare natural phenomena.
Nova Scotia
Preserving ecological integrity
Find out how national parks are managed to keep them healthy and whole.

More stories from Parks Canada conservation

Reading nature

Parks Canada staff use small items to build up a big picture of an ecosystem and the creatures in it.

Learning to love our swampy places

Wetlands are natural engineering systems that keep our environment healthy.

A shark-filled life

Shark specialist Meaghen McCord brings an international perspective to her work at Parks Canada.


Learn about the threats and pressures affecting the ecological integrity of protected areas.

A visit at the heart of the park

With this interactive story map, discover the work of the conservation team at La Mauricie National Park.

Forests at risk in Newfoundland and Labrador

The forests of Gros Morne and Terra Nova National Parks face serious threats to their long-term health.

Bio-pest into bio-plastic

Making biodegradable plastic out of the invasive European green crab.

Take a dip with Parks Canada… in the forest

Scientists have found that forest bathing can reduce levels of stress hormones in the body.

Parks for the Milky Way

Dark-Sky Preserves are havens of night in an increasingly over-lit world.

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