Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Young persons stroll on the Saint-Maurice shore
The nature trail

The nature trail

This 1.5-km long trail provides access to one of the most beautiful places on Trois-Rivières soil to view the Saint-Maurice River during the summer. Watch the birds, listen for the wind in the leaves, and take a deep breath.

Trails run through the greenery of the Forges du Saint-Maurice
Wide green spaces to breath

Wide green spaces

You may have worked up an appetite after your walk. What would you say now to a picnic?

Several tables have been set out for your enjoyment. But if you'd rather sit on the lawn, by all means suit yourself! There's no shortage of seating with a view!

Sitting on the red chairs, a couple observes the vestiges of the lower forge
Chimney and remains of the lower forge

Going down the valley…

By taking the trail along the St. Maurice Creek, you will pass in front of the vestiges of the upper forge and of the flour and wood mill.

You will soon seen a very tall stone chimney, an amazing vestige rising almost 15 m above the ground. It is in fact the chimney of the lower forge, which was built a few dozen metres from the St. Maurice River.

It's a beautiful riverside site you won't want to pass up!

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