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Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Diabolus ex machina: An audio path by Fred Pellerin

Infographie de diabolus : un chat noir devant la basse forge et un feu évoquant la main du diable
From summer 2021, the audio path Diabolus ex machina will take you into the imagination of its creator, storyteller Fred Pellerin.

Created in a “carte blanche” formula by storyteller Fred Pellerin, the audio path Diabolus ex machina is available since summer of 2021. This walking tour in the form of a mock documentary will plunge you into the historical and legendary world of the Forges du Saint-Maurice as seen through the storyteller’s playful glasses. The narrated circuit consists of 14 sound capsules that can be accessed directly on your smartphone or by using one of the portable devices available on site.

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes, including walking time (1 km)

(last departure: 3:15 pm)

The audio path is offered only in French, a written English translation is available.

NEW Listen to an excerpt...

Listen to an excerpt of Diabolus ex machina: An audio path by Fred Pellerin (in French only)

Excerpt of Diabolus ex machina [ Voice of Fred Pellerin ] (Excerpt of the audio path - in French only)
J'ai lu au moins deux mille pages
Puis j'ai consulté des historiens
J'ai flâné dans des rumeurs
J'ai jasé avec des spécialistes, avec des gens du coin puis de la région
Puis j'ai gratté, puis j'ai fouillé
Puis j'ai découvert des personnages
Puis des revirements de situations...
L'histoire des Forges est bien plus grande que celle que je pensais connaître !...
[ Traditional violon music]

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It is mandatory to reserve a time slot.

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Listening options

Three listening options are available.

Parks Canada National App

Parks Canada National App

By downloading the free Parks Canada National App app onto your smart device, you can enjoy the activity at your own pace. Please note that the historic site does not have WIFI and that the cellular networks are sometimes unstable on the path so be sure to download the app before arriving at the site.

Once downloaded, the app works offline.

On site, after you pay the activity fee, we will give you the code of the day that will allow you to unlock the contents. Note that there is a 2MB download left once the audio path is unlocked with the code of the day.

*Bring your own personal headphones for an optimal experience.

*The transcript of the capsules is available through the app.

Diabolus Local Network

You can access the content of the tour on your smart device via a local wifi network.

No download, cellular connection or data usage is required for this listening option, but the smart device must have a cellular connection. The tour requires an approximate data usage of 100 MB.

On site, after you pay the activity fee, we will give you the code of the day that will allow you to unlock the contents.

* Bring your own personal headphones for an optimal experience.

* The transcript of the capsules is available through the app.

*Warning: recent smart devices (less than 2 years old) offer a superior experience given their larger RAM.

* Please note: recent smart devices (less than 2 years old) offer a superior experience given their larger RAM.

Audioguide loan

It is possible to borrow an audio guide at no extra cost. An adapter allows two headsets to be connected to a single unit.

Since they are available in limited numbers and to allow for disinfection after use, the device is loaned for a period of 90 minutes.

Smart tips

To get the most out of the experience, it is recommended that you:

  • arrive 15 minutes before your departure time
  • have your headphones and smartphone or smart device charged
  • bring a bottle of water
  • wear shoes for walking (1 km) and adequate clothing according to the expected temperature
  • note that there is no food service on site, but there are plenty of grassy areas and picnic tables; bring your snack and your sunscreen!

Feel free to plan some time before or after your tour to enjoy the various attractions offered on the site.

Immersive experience 1600°C trial by Fire

A visitor participates in the new immersive experience 1600 degrees Celsius trial by Fire
The immersive experience 1600°C trial by Fire

Immerse yourself in the unknown world of the blast furnace workers. Follow the instructions of the master founder and try to perform all the steps of the cast iron manufacturing process. Will you be a good apprentice? Will the master founder hire you? Come live the experience with the immersive installation designed to put you to the test and see if you're up to it! Shovel, load, skim . . . and heat it up!

The multimedia presentation

A fleurdelise cast iron medallion is represented on the wall durind the multimedia presentation
Multimédia presentation combining projection on a big screen and special effects on the model

Witness a recreation of the lives of workers at the Forges du Saint-Maurice during a multimedia presentation. Combining video projection and simultaneous 3D effects on a big screen as well as on a model representing the village in 1845, this multimedia presentation examines daily life in Canada's first industrial community.

The permanent multimedia presentation brings to life 20 minutes from a page of history recounting the lives of forge masters and workers who gave birth to the Canadian iron industry in the land of the Mauricie.

Guided tours

Children looking at a mockup throuh a window
Guided tours with Forges-du-Saint-Maurice National Historic site guides are offered to our visitors

From May to September

You'll feel the heat, that's for sure, standing in front of the blast furnace. Imagine the hellish fire spewing out, the sound of a hammer beating iron at the hands of skilled workers shaping kettles, weapons, nails, pans and other objects needed by the colony.

Then, when evening falls, hear bursts of laughter from the hostel, the stomping of well-shod horses, and the rusty voice of an old rooster interrupting the silence. Then comes the well-earned break in the cottages within the village of Forges du Saint-Maurice.

Experience all this with an interpretive guide during a visit that takes you from the Grande Maison to the Fontaine du Diable. But beware; the devil could blow in a tale or two that only insiders know.

This activity is offered to groups with a reservation: minimum de 10 people


The Young Xplorers of Parks Canada

The Parks Canada Xplorer program is a lively new activity for the whole family.

Six- to eleven-year-olds will enjoy the daring, delight, and fun… On your marks, get set, Xplore!

This program is also offered at Fort Chambly, Fort Lennox, La Mauricie National Park, and numerous other Parks Canada sites.

More information

Two children books

Parent Enfant Nature discovery kit

Borrow a Parent Enfant Nature seasonal kit and set off on a simple adventure. Through animal stories and activity suggestions, explore the natural wealth of the site and, above all, create magical family moments playing outdoors!

For families with children aged 0 to 5.

In French only.

An activity offered by COOPENFANTNATURE.ORG (French only).

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