Fort Chambly National Historic Site

The outdoor tour of the Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site will appeal to open-air enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Relaxation and picnic

Fort Chambly National Historic Site is perfect for a getaway just a few kilometers from Montreal.

Located near the rapids of the Richelieu River, Fort Chambly is surrounded by a large wooded park where you can let yourself be rocked by the sound of the rapids. You can explore the park and its vast spaces every day until 11 pm.

Enjoy the picnic area on the edge of the Chambly Basin solo, with family or friends, and try to find the red chairs to relax in.

Several tables are at your disposal inside the fort’s marvelous park. Some tables are adapted for individuals with disabilities. Please note there are no shelters in case of rain.

Tails, sun, stone wall and the Chambly basin.

Walking tours

Fort Chambly offers lush green spaces for outdoor strolling enthusiasts

You'll have the chance to wander along several paved walkways and paths near the water and around the fort, where you can admire both nature and architecture.

Interpretive Panels

There are several interpretive panels found around the site for you to learn more about the fort’s history while you take a stroll.

Bicycle Tours

Just a few steps away from the Chambly Canal National Historic Site is a bicycle trail that offers a 20-kilometre course that follows the Chambly Canal all the way to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

As a courtesy to other park users, we ask cyclists to walk next to their bicycle when on the grounds of Chambly Canal National Historic Site and Fort Chambly National Historic Site.

Nearby shops and services

Fort Chambly National Historic Site is just a few minutes away from many restaurants, cafés and shops in Chambly.

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