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Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Most visitors travel by boat, canoe or kayak along the many lakes and rivers that make up the system, but the historic lockstations also make interesting stops on any summer road trip. Chart a course through cottage country and discover great local businesses, or paddle your way down a quiet river to a perfect fishing spot. Staying the night is the best way to experience the lock life.

Popular activities and experiences

Find your Ôasis

Stay the night in one of these teardrop-shaped hideaways, perfect for small families and paddlers.

Travel by boat

Plan a trip through the locks and discover a culture and community deeply rooted in history.

Lock & Paddle 2023

Paddle alongside hundreds of colourful canoes and kayaks towards the World’s Tallest Hydraulic Lift Lock.


Visit a lockstation

Come see the historic engineering and explore these beautiful sites.

Travel tips and ideas

Don't miss these highlight experiences and must-see sites.

Trent–Severn Trail Towns

Discover these great communities connected by the canal.

Calendar of events

Take part in a wide range of events, special activities and memorable experiences in this unique place in Canada.

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