A Walk Through History

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Journey through Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site and immerse yourself in its unique and varied history with our new outdoor walking experience. Take a stroll through the grounds, watch historical demonstrations and participate in interactive activities led by costumed interpreters.

This self-guided tour will allow you to discover heritage crafts, artifacts, skills and stories at each outdoor location. With physical distancing measures in place, try your hand at heritage crafts and skills. Watch as historic candle making, gardening, sash weaving, wood carving, and music and dance are brought to life.


  • Available Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from May 9 to June 30.
  • Available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from July 2 to Sept. 5.


Allow for 90 minutes to explore the fort grounds, learn about the history and artifacts, and experience the demonstrations.

Historic Demonstrations

Historic demonstrations are available throughout the week at Lower Fort Garry. Learn about blacksmithing, historic firearms and candle making while you experience A Walk Through History. Available from July 2 to August 28.

Wool processing

Learn how wool goes from sheep to sweaters! An experienced interpreter will show you all the steps involved, including cleaning wool, spinning, dyeing and knitting.

Dates: Monday

Hearth cooking

Everything tastes better when it’s cooked with a wood fire. Visit the bakehouse to see what's cooking and get a taste of history.

Dates: Tuesday

Children's Day

Calling all kids! The Hudson’s Bay Company is hiring junior labourers to help keep the Stone Fort running smoothly. Sign up for a day of ‘humble service’ to win a special prize once all the chores are complete.

Dates: Wednesday

Fleshing and cleaning furs

Trapping and tanning was an essential part of the fur trade. Visit Gabeshiwin and see the process in action.

Dates: Thursday


Blacksmiths were an essential part of any fur trade fort, as they kept all the other trades working. Repairing and repurposing the tools already on site was a task no other tradesperson could manage. Visit the blacksmith shop and see which essential tool they are working on today.

Dates: Friday

Historic weapons

Historic weapons demonstrations highlight several types of trade guns that would have been essential to the hunters and trappers of the fur trade. From a safe distance, listen to the crack of the blackpowder and see the plume of smoke that once rocked the area with regularity.

Dates: Saturday

Accessibility Day

If you're looking for a more accessible visit to Lower Fort Garry, Sundays are for you. Regular buggy tours through the historic grounds bring the history to you from the comfort of our shuttle seats.

Dates: Sunday

Fees: The Walk Through History experience is included in the cost of admission. Contactless payment is encouraged. Visit our detailed fees list to learn about admission prices.

For additional activities at Lower Fort Garry, check out Public programs.

More information about COVID-19 and your visit to Lower Fort Garry.

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