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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Certain buildings are closed until further notice.

Updated May 17, 2022

As part of Parks Canada’s ongoing commitment to the preservation of historic sites, several buildings at Lower Fort Garry will undergo repairs throughout 2022 and will be inaccessible to visitors.

These restoration projects support conservation, promote visitor experience and make our infrastructure safer and more appealing to visitors.

In this phase of the project, the following work will be completed:

  • Repairs and improvements to safety systems;
  • Improvements to site drainage;
  • Repairs and improvements to building interiors and exteriors.

A map of Lower Fort Garry.

The following buildings are open:

  • Doctor’s Office
  • Warehouse
  • Gabeshiwin – Camp
  • Farm Manager’s Cottage
  • Blacksmith Shop

The following buildings are closed:

  • Men’s House
  • Northeast Bastion
  • Big House
  • Fur Loft/Sales Shop
  • Southwest Bastion
  • Guest Cottage

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