Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Want to give back to your community, learn new skills and spend time at your favourite Parks Canada administered sites? Whether you’d like to volunteer on a one-time basis or throughout the operating season, there are a number of volunteer positions at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site this summer. Opportunities are available from May through August unless otherwise noted. Looking for something in Winnipeg? There are also volunteer opportunities at The Forks National Historic Site.

Volunteer Site Host
The Volunteer Site Host is outgoing, welcoming, friendly and sets the stage for a visitor to have a fun and rewarding time during their site visit. Volunteer hosts posted at the welcome station inform visitors of on-site activities and share Xplorer booklets with children. Volunteer hosts scheduled to rove around the grounds of Lower Fort Garry provide information and directions. You will have the option to greet visitors wearing a historic costume if that interests you!

Play music at Lower Fort Garry
Play music at Lower Fort Garry.

Volunteer artists, artisans, musicians and performers
Volunteer artists, artisans, musicians and performers help bring Lower Fort Garry to life. Spend a couple hours or a whole day working on a project or making music that speaks to the history of Lower Fort Garry. We are looking for artists that are proud to show off their work; beginners working to grow their skills are welcome, too. Fiddlers, painters, folk dancers, bagpipers and tinsmiths are all invited! We encourage individuals or groups to contact us to discuss where there may be opportunities to present their skills and connect to the place throughout the visitor season.

Volunteer Gardener
This opportunity is great for you if you enjoy working outdoors and helping to keep Parks Canada places looking beautiful. You will be oriented to the various gardens on site and learn about some of the heritage plants that are found in the gardens. Depending on the month you might be weeding, watering, planting or harvesting! Our heritage gardens require daily attention throughout the growing season. Be prepared to get down in the dirt and work with gardening tools.

Volunteer Living History Animator (July and August)
Wear a period costume and demonstrate an activity outside or in a historic building. Volunteers rove the grounds, play heritage games and sit in the shade working on heritage crafts and skills. Work on weaving, carding wool, wood carving, cooking, coopering, carpentry or your own special 19th-century skill. Set up props in the fort or outside in the field to enhance the on-site living history experience. The more the merrier at Lower Fort Garry, there is lots of space for all.

Volunteer Costuming Assistant
Do you have an interest in fashion or period dress? Volunteer as a costuming assistant and learn about Lower Fort Garry’s heritage costume inventory. Mend costumes by hand either behind the scenes or on the historic grounds. Sew, knit, weave or crochet new items for our costume inventory. Volunteer as an individual or as a group. Let us know if you have the skills to work a sewing machine.

Contact us by email at Email address: manitoba@pc.gc.ca to inquire about the status of additional volunteer opportunities at Lower Fort Garry:
Children’s Activities Assistant
Special Events Volunteer
Outdoor Oven Baker or Cook

How to apply!
If you are interested in one of the volunteer opportunities listed above, please email Email address: manitoba@pc.gc.ca with a cover letter that answers the following questions (including a reference is optional):
Why are you interested in becoming a Parks Canada volunteer at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site?
What experiences, if any, do you have in relation to your chosen volunteer opportunity?
How often are you interested in volunteering?

Volunteers must be at least 14 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
During intake periods, the volunteer coordinator will review applications that have been collected over the past several months, meet with candidates, conduct security screenings and schedule orientation and training sessions.

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