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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Built in 1830 by the Hudson’s Bay Company as a trading post, Canadian history was made here in 1871 when Treaty No. 1 was signed by the Federal Government and seven chiefs of the Ojibwe and Swampy Cree First Nations to create the foundation of modern Manitoba. The fort later became a penitentiary, then a psychiatric hospital and then a country club!

Lower Fort Garry blog

Read about the history of Lower Fort Garry, Treaty No. 1, the Hudson’s Bay Company and North West Mounted Police in St. Andrews, Manitoba.

Treaty No. 1 Legacy Flag Installation

Learn more about the seven First Nations that signed Treaty No. 1 at Lower Fort Garry.

2019: International Year of Indigenous Languages

Learn about the importance of Indigenous languages in Treaty No. 1 territory, including Lower Fort Garry.

Lower Fort Garry artifacts

Learn more about Manitoba’s history through historic objects at Lower Fort Garry.

York boats

Learn about how people travelled around Manitoba’s lakes and rivers by checking out the York boats at Lower Fort Garry.

Motor Country Club Historic Photo Album

Discover more about Manitoba’s history at Lower Fort Garry through these photos of the Fort’s Motor Country Club era.


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