Heart of the fur trade

Location: Elk Island National Park, Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site
Distance: 545 km round trip from Edmonton

Immerse yourself in the heart of the fur trade as you go for a quick 3-day trip to Western Canada! Experience the life of a Metis Trapper, have fun on the water, enjoy the beach, and observe wildlife activity.


A group of friends enjoying time around a campfire in front of a Métis Trapper Tent 

Day 1

Location: Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site
Distance: 230 km from Edmonton

Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the fur trade. Stop by the visitor centre for a 3D virtual reality experience, and journey back to when the site was a bustling trade post for the North West Company and the Hudson Bay Company.

Try your hand at finger weaving, Métis jigging and other Indigenous arts and crafts.

Grab your Fur Trade Camp Kit and sleep on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

Recommended accommodation: Métis trapper’s tent, Heritage Camping

Two visitors stand on the dock and watch the sunset over Astotin Lake, Elk Island National Park 

Day 2

Location: Elk Island National Park, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Distance: 270 km from Rocky Mountain House

Enjoy the waters of Astotin Lake and rent a canoe, kayak or even try a stand up paddle board! Bask in the sun as you enjoy a picnic on the beach.

End your day by admiring the sunset, and spend the night counting the stars from the comfort of your campground. Keep an eye out for seasonal meteor showers and the northern lights! If you’re lucky, you might get to wish upon a shooting star!

Recommended accommodation: Camping, Astotin Lake campground

Visitors capture a selfie on Beaver Pond Trail 

Day 3

Location: Elk Island National Park

Hit the Beaver Pond Trail in the morning and perhaps even catch a glimpse of bison. Did you know that the the fur trade had completely eliminated beavers from this region by the mid-1800s? But thanks to their reintroduction in the 1940s, you’re sure to spot plenty of beaver activity along the trail if you keep your eyes open.

Distance: Return to Edmonton, 45 km

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