A journey through time at Fort Langley

Locations: Fort Langley National Historic Site
Distance: 95 km round trip from Vancouver, BC

Treat yourself to a weekend at Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia. Explore the trading post, pan for gold, chat with the blacksmith, shoot a musket, stroll along the Fraser River and enjoy the quirks of this quaint village.


A family enjoys a campfire in front of an oTENTik 

Day 1

Location: Fort Langley National Historic Site, Fort Langley
Distance: 47 km from Vancouver

Travel back to the 1800s when French-Canadian traders bartered with coastal First Nations for salmon, cranberries and beaver pelts, and the Fraser River swarmed with 30 000 gold-hunting prospectors. Fort Langley National Historic Site was at the heart of the action! Chat with interpreters in authentic costumes, learn to pan for gold, hear the clang of the anvil in the blacksmith’s forge and sign up to a BB musket firing target practice.

Why not spend the night within the wooden palisade walls? Keep warm around the campfire before sleeping soundly in your cozy oTENTik.

Recommended accommodation: oTENTik, Fort Langley

A First Nation interpreter encourages a group of children to try “Pecking Stones” to create stone weights for fishing nets 

Day 2

Location: Fort Langley National Historic Site

Nothing tastes better than a hearty breakfast around the campfire; burn off those calories with a walk along the Fraser River admiring the gently sloping mountains soaring up either side. Explore the picturesque village of Fort Langley with its boutiques, antique shops and delicious bakeries and restaurants.

Find out why foodies from around the world flock to British Columbia as you head out on the Circle Farm Tour. This lush farmland has it all!

Distance: Return to Vancouver, 47 km

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