Escape rooms at Parks Canada

Are you up for a historic challenge? Start scouring for clues and solve the puzzles before the clock hits zero. Gather a team and see if you can puzzle your way out of these fun national historic site escape rooms!

Klondike National Historic Sites

A North West Mounted Police hat with historic handcuffs on a wooden table

Catching the Klondike killers

There has been a murder in the Klondike goldfields and the Northwest Mounted Police need your help to catch the killers. Locked inside an office in the Commissioner’s Residence, you have only one hour to capture the murderers and escape the room. Do you have what it takes to solve this real murder mystery, investigated in Dawson City over one hundred years ago, and earn the official NWMP certificate of genius?

An open book, various liquids in bottles, and other trinkets laid out on a table.

Memento Mori

The spell of the Yukon has worn off and there’s no way you can survive another hard winter working at Lowe’s Mortuary. Lucky for you, the latest “customer” left behind a gold poke and tickets on the last sternwheeler out of Dawson. You have 1 hour to follow the clues and escape from the mortuary before the frozen river keeps you here.

S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

A framed, old, photo of a large boat, a workers glove, a magnifying glass, a lamp, a book, a lock, and other trinkets laid out on a table.

Shipwreck Escape

Travel back in time to the fateful moment when the largest steamship in the Yukon, the S.S. Klondike, hit a rock on the mighty Yukon River. Race against the clock to escape the sinking vessel. You have one hour to escape or the river will become your eternal resting place!

L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Test of Tykir

Grapes have been discovered in this wondrous new land! Tykir, servant to the Leif Eriksson family, has found them and only he knows where they are! Tykir has a map to find the grapes locked away and only those with sharp wit and a keen eye can retrieve it.

No gimmicks, gadgets or hidden rooms – just you and up to three of your friends with 45-minutes to escape. Solve all of the puzzles to unlock the six wooden boxes before time runs out!

Fort St. James National Historic Site

British Columbia
Men's House beside fish cache

Escape the Fort Challenge

Test your knowledge of Fort St. James by answering a true or false question in each building. Answer every question right to “escape” and win the challenge! Think you can handle the pressure?

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Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Nova Scotia
Children spying on 78th Highlander in Orderly Room, part of Citadel Adventures Program

Citadel Adventures

Want to solve a 19th century mystery? Search the citadel and foil the enemy’s plans before it’s too late! Designed for kids aged 9 to 15, solve six puzzles and complete your secret mission to receive a reward. Pick up your spy kit and booklet at the Information Centre.

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