Safety in the forest

La Mauricie National Park

Hiking, biking or camping: whether you are quietly taking in a hike along the park’s trails or even taking on an intense excursion lasting several hours, be sure to have all of the necessary equipment and physical abilities to guarantee your safety.

With nearly 100 km of forest trails for hiking and 55 km for gravel bike, the park offers trails for all levels. Most trails are developed and present few risks. However, be cautious of wooden structures, which may be slippery. If you plan on taking backcountry trails, note that the area has little infrastructure and that the trail is more arduous due to the rugged topography and the presence of roots, rocks and mud.

Consult the trail maps

  • Get a trail map from one of the visitor centres. The descriptions of trails will be very useful during your visit.

Choose an activity at your level

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from members of our team so that they can guide you when choosing your excursion. An activity at your level and for which you have the knowledge and physical abilities to stay safe will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

Watch for changes in weather

  • Weather conditions in the park change quickly; even during sunny moments, strong winds, rains and storms can happen.

To know all about the right ways to prepare for water sports, as well as for the right material to have, consult the Adventuresmart site.

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