Safety and wildlife

La Mauricie National Park

Here at La Mauricie National Park, the outdoors and wildlife go hand in hand. During your visit, you may come across an animal in its natural habitat. Take full advantage of this memorable experience while watching out for your safety and the animal’s peace and quiet. Use good behaviour: animals that lose their natural fear of humans can become a danger to you and other visitors.

Leave the animals alone

  • When watching them, stay at an appropriate distance. The animals are in their natural habitat and need space to take care of all their needs.

Keep in mind that animals can feed themselves very well

  • At La Mauricie National Park, feeding wild animals is prohibited, even if they seem perfectly inoffensive to you.
  • During your outdoor activities, ensure that your food and garbage are beyond the reach of animals. When the activity is over, garbage must be collected and disposed of at the proper locations.

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