Half a century of conservation, experiences and memories

La Mauricie National Park

In 2020, La Mauricie National Park celebrated its 50th anniversary. For half a century, passionate employees have been pursuing a big dream. In 1970, the park's founders laid the groundwork to turn the area into an iconic place that people have grown attached to, generation after generation.

We celebrated 50 years of conservation. Actions to protect and restore the park's ecological integrity have been ongoing over the years and are producing meaningful results. Lakes are returning to their true nature, forests are recovering, and endangered species are being protected.

We celebrated 50 years of experiences. Since its beginnings, La Mauricie National Park has been a unique place where people can experience all kinds of adventures, surpass themselves, learn and connect with nature.

Finally, we commemorated 50 years of memories. From the founders to visitors, employees, collaborators and partners, everyone has collected proud moments, pleasures shared as a family, and delightful anecdotes associated with La Mauricie National Park.

We worked hard to plan a festive year that would be punctuated by opportunities to learn more about this wonderful area and to gather together to mark this important anniversary.

Sadly, COVID-19 invited itself to the party and we had to rethink our way of celebrating. As a result, we highlighted this important milestone in the history of La Mauricie National Park through social and traditional media and thanks to the involvement of numerous collaborators and partners.

What is our wish for the next 50 years? For the park to be a leader in protecting and restoring ecosystems within and beyond its borders. We also want to ensure that the park continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Canadians through enriching, high-quality experiences.


Happy 50th anniversary to La Mauricie National Park!

The "La Mauricie National Park 50 years 1970-2020" logo appears above black-and-white archives showing a lake, mountains, trees and two men canoeing. Archival images turn to color and a woman is seen in a Parks Canada truck as well as several men wearing hard hats.

"Half a century of conservation, experiences and memories!” appears in the sky above a lake meandering across a lush green park in which fly a flock of Canada geese.

A small motor home drives along a paved road inside La Mauricie National Park. The camera flies above a body of water inside a coniferous forest.

La Mauricie National Park Superintendent Nadine Blackburn talks to the camera. She is wearing her work uniform and stands before a building in the park.

Pictures show men wearing hard hats holding a sign with the number 18 on it. Men saw a long wooden beam while others sit around a makeshift camp. A man kneeling in the water holds a fish on the surface of the water.

A black-and-white picture shows a group of men and women standing on a bank. Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien smiles on a black-and-white picture taken at the park. Another shows him talking with a man and a woman. On another one, he is signing a document.

He is interviewed in an office.

Later, gorgeous images of various bodies of water lined with trees appear on screen.

"Over 200,000 visitors each year" appears on screen above a forest. A man wearing a blue coat walks in the forest. A man walks across a small wooden bridge spanning over a stream that flows into a larger body of water.

A sign warning of the presence of turtles over 5 km is displayed.

Five people and a young child walk along a gravel path. One person canoes.

Mayor of Shawinigan Michel Angers talks to the camera. He is in the park.

A cyclist climbs a small hill by a paved road.

Les Défis du Parc Director General Marie-Josée Gervais talks to the camera. She is wearing black and red cycling apparel. A lake stretches across a forest below.

Hundreds of cyclists participate in the Défis du Parc. From the start to the finish line, they speed on the park’s paved roads.

Former La Mauricie National Park Superintendent Marie Lavoie talks to the camera from a bank. She is wearing a white knitted sweater. She is interacting with park employees.

Visitors walk along a body of water. Sunlight is reflected in the lake.

Visitor Patrick Lessard talks to the camera. He is wearing a cap and a grey jacket.

Leaves fall onto empty picnic tables surrounded by trees.

Someone walks by a body of water in the fall. The opposite bank is full of colourful trees.

Visitors talk with park employees inside the information centre.

Several people canoe on a body of water.

“Celebrate with us 50 years… of human nature!” appears on screen above the Wapizagonke Lake.

parkscanada.gc.ca/mauricie50 appears on a black screen followed by the logos of Parcs Canada | Parks Canada and Canada.

© Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada as represented by Parks Canada 2020

A meaningful image

Logo 50e anniversaire du Parc national de la Mauricie - La Mauricie ntional park 50th anniversary logo
Logo 50e anniversaire du Parc national de la Mauricie - La Mauricie ntional park 50th anniversary logo

In support of the various celebration initiatives, we have specially created a graphic element that reflects the park's identity.

Around the number 50 are images that represent the diversity of La Mauricie National Park's ecosystem. For example, some protected species such as the wood turtle, the loon and the brook trout are depicted. The human history of the land, both ancient and modern, is symbolized by the handprint and the skier.

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