Safety on land

Forillon National Park

Get the most out the park’s trails by planning and preparing for every hike, whether you’re out for 30 minutes or the whole day:

  • Choose a trail that you can handle.
    Always check the length and other aspects of your trail, as well as the duration of your hike before you set out.

  • Tell someone about your activity
    Tell someone about your start and end points, as well as your return time.

  • Bring a snack and enough water, even if your hike is short.
    The tap water in park service buildings is safe to drink unless otherwise noted.

  • Consider comfort and safety when you choose what to pack.
    A sweater and windbreaker are generally a good idea at Forillon. We recommend footwear with a good grip and lots of support.

  • For your own safety, stay on the trails and behind fences and follow any posted instructions (trail closed, steep cliffs, risk of rockslide, and so on).

Specific cycling tips

  • The use of a bike helmet is strongly recommended.
  • Travel in single file on the park’s secondary roads.
  • Cycling is prohibited on all hiking trails. It is, however, permitted on the multi-use trails "Le Portage,", "La Vallée," and "Les Lacs," as well as on the gravel road leading to Cap-Gaspé and on the Penouille Peninsula access road. 
  • On multi-use trails, bicycles must travel on the right, like cars on the road. Hikers must walk on the left, facing cyclists.
  • Hikers have priority on multi-use trails at all times. Be courteous!
  • Cyclists must continue to keep their eyes on the road: mountain biking trails are also used by hikers and park vehicles.


  • Leave no trace! Pack out all trash; there are no garbage cans along trails.
  • Pets are allowed on trails provided that they are kept on a leash at all times.
  • Open fires are prohibited in the backcountry.
  • Others regulations

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