Prince Edward Island National Park

Picnicking is a very popular activity in PEI National Park. Bring your own and enjoy in one of our many day use areas with picturesque scenery. 

Iconic Parks Canada Picnic Locations:

Cavendish Grove - 8780 Rte. 6, Cavendish, PE
Why not plan a peaceful picnic in nature’s oasis on a sun-kissed clearing in the nearby trails.

Oceanview - 7726 Cawnpore Lane, Green Gables, PE
Enjoy near a cliff overlooking our red island sandstone and endless miles of ocean.

Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site - 191 Haché Gallant Drive, Rocky Point, PE
The visitors love the place for its peaceful atmosphere, its breathtaking views of the harbor and its vast network of trails that await the awakening of the explorer slumbering in you. 

Brackley Beach - 4020 Brackley Point Road, Brackley Beach, PE
Spread a blanket in the sand and prepare for a lovely feast at the foot of the ocean.

Stanhope Beach - 828 Gulfshore Parkway, Stanhope, PE
Enjoy the scenic ocean vista from the cliff side picnic tables or feast waterside.  Accessibility mats at Stanhope provides beach access for various degrees of accessibility to create the perfect beach picnic.

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