A Look Back: The Photographer-in-Residence Program at Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park

Parks Canada in partnership with OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design) has been a proud host of a Photographer-in-Residence Career Launcher program in Rouge National Urban Park. Each year, between 2016 and 2019, a graduating student from the university was selected from a pool of talented applicants for a four-month long artist residency at the national urban park located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Students photographed events, programs, wildlife and landscapes throughout the park. Each student came from a unique photographic background in terms of style and experience and they each brought their own unique perspectives to their work documenting Canada’s first national urban park. The photographer-in-residence also assisted with various administrative duties, such as organizing the park’s image bank, graphic design work and post-processing images for public display.

Each photographer-in-residence hosted a public exhibition of their images, which showcased their hard work and accomplishments.

Join us, in a digital exhibition of images from the four incredible photographers that we’ve been extremely proud to host at Rouge National Urban Park!


Photographer-in-Residence 2016: Heike Reuse

          "Reclaiming the City"

Heike Reuse 1
Heike Reuse 2

Heike Reuse 3
Heike Reuse 4 

          More photos by Heike.

Photographer-in-Residence 2017: Cassandra Smyth

           "The Rouge: An Urban Wilderness"

Cassandra Smyth 1 
Cassandra Smyth 2
Cassandra Smyth 3 
Cassandra Smyth 4
Photographer-in-Residence 2018: Ishkhan Ghazarian

           "Memories of the Rouge"

Ishkhan Ghazarian 1 
Ishkhan Ghazarian 2
Ishkhan Ghazarian 3 
Ishkhan Ghazarian 4 

          More photos by Ishkhan.

Photographer-in-Residence 2019: Margaret Cornell Kirk

           "Footprints of the Rouge"

Margaret Cornell Kirk 1 
Margaret Cornell Kirk 2
Margaret Cornell Kirk 3 
Margaret Cornell Kirk 4

More photos by Margaret.

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