"The Rouge: An Urban Wilderness" with Cassandra Smyth

Rouge National Urban Park

Stunning photographs of Rouge National Urban Park taken by Cassandra Smyth, our very own photographer-in-residence. Her work showcases the sandy shores of Lake Ontario, up through the Rouge Valley, to rolling agricultural landscapes, cityscapes and the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Connecting audiences throughout the Greater Toronto Area with the Rouge – Canada’s first and only national urban park that features vast green spaces, diverse wildlife, agriculture and everyday human interactions. A visual showcase of everything this Canadian first has to offer. Think urban meets wilderness.

Cassandra Smyth, Rouge National Urban Park’s photographer-in-residence, sees more to an image than just the rolling landscapes and beautiful scenery. She sees the untold story behind the frame. 

Cass’s passions for history and storytelling collide in her photographs of the Rouge, which capture the historical significance of the Greater Toronto Area’s agricultural heritage, as well as its scenic landscapes and cityscapes. Cass is particularly interested in images that emphasize the interactions between humans and historical structures that have long been demolished, and the regeneration of natural and wild landscapes.

Cass is also a life-long admirer and enthusiast of the Rouge, having hiked many of the trails throughout the park since she was a child.

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