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Pukaskwa National Park

By Andrea Osala-Schaaf

Are you a student looking for work in 2013? Want to gain valuable learning opportunities and work experiences to develop your skills for a future career? As a student working for Parks Canada, you can have the ultimate Canadian experience as you work and play in inspiring places.

In 2012, 20 students worked for Parks Canada across Northern Ontario. Their responsibilities included: designing a geocaching tour; providing engineering support; delivering interpretive presentations; greeting park visitors; and photographing or filming special events, just to name a few. You too can become part of the Parks Canada team and help to protect, present and celebrate some of our nation’s most treasured cultural and natural riches.

How do I get hired?

Parks Canada, like many other federal government organizations, uses the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) as its primary tool to hire students. FSWEP provides students with meaningful work experience and learning opportunities related to their field of study. In order to be considered for a student position, you must be registered through FSWEP. To register, complete your application online. To help you we have prepared instructions (link to PDF). Employers normally begin the hiring process prior to the end of school, so register early (February)!

2012 Summer Students at Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area
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How does the program work?

Each year, an FSWEP database is created from all student applications received online. The Public Service Commission (PSC), which administers FSWEP, searches for and randomly selects students who meet the job requirements determined by the hiring organization. FSWEP helps approximately 9,000 students find jobs within the federal government annually. On average 1,000 of these jobs are with Parks Canada.

  • When federal departments and agencies decide they want to hire students, they submit a request for student referrals to the PSC. 
  • The PSC completes a random search of the FSWEP database for students who meet the position requirements and refer the subsequent list of students to the hiring organization. 
  • The hiring organization assesses all referred students and extends offer(s) of employment.

What other benefits does FSWEP offer?

FSWEP is designed to:

  • Provide access to many federal jobs using a single application; 
  • Enrich your academic program by giving you learning opportunities and valuable work experience within your field of study; 
  • Help fund your education and encourage you to complete your studies; 
  • Develop your employability; and 
  • Offer insight into future employment opportunities and career options within the public service.

Can anyone apply?

FSWEP is designed to provide students with employment opportunities. In order to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time secondary or post-secondary student in a recognized institution; 
  • Be returning to full-time studies for the next academic term; 
  • Meet the minimum age requirement to work in the province or territory where the position is located.

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