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Pukaskwa National Park

shoreLINES is a quarterly newsletter intended to keep our partners and stakeholders informed about Parks Canada's activities and heritage places in Northern Ontario.

Herring Gulls: Important ecological indicators

By Tyler Ripku and Courtney Irvine

Herring Gulls, often referred to as ‘seagulls’, are similar to the ‘canary in the coal mine.’ They inform our understanding of both large- and small-scale changes in the ecosystem and are an important indicator of human impacts on the natural world. Learn more about the results of recent investigations at Pukaskwa National Park.

Rebranding the Burbot

By Marissa Wegher

Lake Superior boasts some of the best angling opportunities for a variety of game fish species year-round. Many anglers are searching for the elusive brook trout, trolling for salmon on a down-rigger, or casting for record sized pike. But have you ever tried angling for burbot?

Birders flock to see spring migration

By Jordan Winter

On May 13, 2023, Parks Canada worked with The Kensington Conservancy to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day at Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site. New and experienced birders gathered at the migratory bird sanctuary to share their knowledge and passion for birdwatching during this special spring migration access event.

Counting orchids: 40 years of monitoring

By Edwin Morelli

Sparrow's-egg Lady's-slipper, a rare orchid species at Pukaskwa National Park, has been monitored since 1979. The population has been declining in the park, leading staff to investigate potential explanations.

Wait, that isn’t what we were looking for!

By Lisa Sonnenburg

One of the amazing things about managing cultural resources in Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area is that we are always finding new things under the waves. Sometimes we are looking for a specific target, and just get lucky when we find something unexpected.

Minister’s Response to the 2023 Round Table

The 2023 Minister’s Round Table focused on five themes: Strengthening Accessibility, Indigenous Stewardship of Protected Heritage Places, Ecological Corridors, Parks Canada and Tourism, and Greening Parks Canada. The round table engagement was held in January and February 2023 and consisted of virtual and in-person discussion sessions, online participation and written responses.

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