Minimizing trash

Pukaskwa National Park

Martha Allen est fière de mettre la main à la pâte pour minimiser la quantité de déchets à Pukaskwa.
© Parcs Canada

By Fred Michano

Martha Allen, Park Ecologist, proudly demonstrates using her new desktop miniature trash can, also known as a ‘minibin’, at her workstation in Pukaskwa National Park. Traditional garbage cans were recently replaced with minibins at the park office to encourage staff to reduce waste and recycle more.

Staff are responsible for emptying their minibins as needed, in larger receptacles in common spaces. As a bonus, it also reduces costs associated with cleaning contracts, and the need for garbage bags for trash bins. By coupling minibins with desk side recycling bins, this initiative is a small, but positive step to a greener workplace – a Parks Canada priority – and an overall benefit for the environment.

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